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Dengue risk heightens in Colombo Featured

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Several areas in Colombo are faced with a risk of reaching epidemic levels. Dehiwala, Katubedda and Moratuwa MOH areas are undergoing an increase in the spread of Dengue, while Kohuwala, Kaduwela, Kolonnawa and Angoda MOH Areas are reported to reach epidemic levels in the near future.

The Ministry of Health will be implementing a special programme in schools located in major cities prone to dengue.

The Health Ministry advise to use only paracetamol as a form of medication and not to use other form of medication for fever without medical advise as such drugs can cause internal bleeding in dengue patients.

The public are also requested to maintain clean surroundings and to seek immediate medical assistance if fever persists for more than two days,

According to the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry, compared to 2012, there has been a decline of 25 percent in the year 2013 in the number of Dengue patients being reported.


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