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Over 11,000 dengue cases as of Feb 2020

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Sri Lankan health authorities continue to report high levels of dengue fever into early 2020. As of February 10, the country’s Epidemiology Unit has reported 11,352 cases, about double that was reported during the same period in 2019.

Two deaths have been reported from across the country by February 7, Epidemiology Unit sources said.

District reporting the most cases include Colombo (1775), Trincomalee (1521), Jaffna (1182) and Batticaloa (1140).

Health officials say the public should be vigilant on mosquito breeding sites and take steps to destroy them on a regular basis. At least 30 minutes per week should be allocated to clean mosquito breeding sites. Construction sites are the most notorious dengue mosquito breeding sites.

Medical experts and consultants have advised pregnant women suffering from fever to get admitted to a hospital on the first day and the public to seek medical treatment for any type of fever without delay. All such patients should not attend work or school.

Source: Outbreak  News

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