Due to the prevailing adverse weather condition in Sri Lanka, the rise of dengue in several areas is a possibility, stated the Director of the National Dengue Control Programme (NDCP), Dr. Anura Jayasekara today (29).

Speaking to Ceylon Today, Dr. Jayasekera stated that "Sri Lanka is on the safe side since currently there aren't many cases reported on a daily basis" and further emphasised that the dengue rise is under control comparative to the last year.

However, if the prevailing weather condition intensifies, "Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and the Central Provinces will be the most affected from Sri Lanka," Dr. Jayasekara added. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that the general public should be precautions in this regard. 

"It is vital to keep neighborhoods clean and free of receptacles that attract the dengue-carrying mosquitoes, especially in places such as water storage tanks, flower pots and vases, garden fountains, birdbaths, fridge trays, water dispenser trays, broken cisterns, discarded bottles, tins, discarded tyres, coconut shells and all other possible sites for mosquitoes to breed," WHO added. 

Furthermore, the WHO states that "in addition to vector control measures, people can prevent mosquito bites by taking personal protection measures such as wearing clothes that cover the body and minimizes exposure to mosquito bites, mosquito repellents, mosquito nets and by installing net screens on doors and windows.

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