vaccine420 Instructions to the patients

Instructions to the patients

If Fever is present, always suspect as having dengue

1. Give a good/adequate rest

Never allow to do hard work or to be tired by any means

2. Give adequate liquids to drink

Milk, Fruit juice, Orange juice, Jeewani ,cunjee, soup are suitable

Do not give only water all the time

Allow the patient to take usual solid foods if possible

Never give red/brown coloured foods/drinks or beverages

3. Keep an eye on the number of times of passing urine

If the number of times of passing urine less than usual take the patient to a hospital

4. If a child has fever,

Wet the body with normal water

Give Paracetamol recommended dose (for the age/weight) and 6hrly

Never give other drugs to reduce fever

Eg: Diclofinac/ Ibuprofen/Mefenamic Acid – Tablets / Syrups

5. If the fever continues for more than 2 days,

Take the patient to a hospital on the 3rd day and do a blood test (FBC)

6. Take the patient immediately to a hospital, if you notice these symptoms,

Inability to tolerate oral fluids (Repeated vomiting)

Refuse to eat /drink

Feeling extreme thirsty

Reduced number of times of passing urine/not passing urine more than 6 hrs

Abdominal pain


Behavioural changes

Vomiting reddish or blackish stained vomits

Bleeding manifestation – Gum bleeding, red color urine

Dizziness /Giddiness( vertigo)

Pale looking

Cold limbs (arms and legs)

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